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Where do you want to take your music?

If only melodious mastery could burst forth the first time you picked up a musical instrument. Unfortunately, scratchy notes and mournful melodies are the typical tunes from first-time musicians, strike the prefect chord with Minnesota Music Factory.

Don't worry about having to practice endless scales, because the instructors at Minnesota Music Factory have a different approach: On your very first lesson, you'll learn to play a simplified version of your favorite song. Founder Tony Nystuen's musical techniques and theories have shown to be more fun and engaging than the average music lesson, and will catapult you directly into the world of music. Perhaps heartwarming notes will burst forth from your musical instrument on day one.



Private Lessons

Our private lessons are the core of what we offer at Minnesota Music Factory and they are just $20 for a one-half hour lesson. We also offer discounts on multi-lesson packages and provide periodic specials offerred through Minnesota Music Factory business affiliates.

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Band Jam Sessions

Once you have become familiar with and are comfortable with a number of notes, chords, and songs, the next logical step is to start to compare and contrast styles with other students. We help line up students of similar interest to literally jam of the best ways musicians expand their abilities is through jamming with and learning from other musicians.


Rock Band Sessions

Experience a "real" band by actually playing in a "real" band.

We can help line up students of similar abilities and interests to create a real band or you can just bring your own crew. As a group, you will have scheduled lesson/practice times and be ready to play an actual gig at the end of the Rock Band Session series.

Check out these young men playing Black Sabboth's 'PARANOID' for their friends and family.





Instrument Rentals

Minnesota Music Factory offers direct instrument rentals for lessons, practice or for a last minute replacement for an important gig.

Recording Studio Services

Ever wanted to develop your own music tracks or even your own music videos? Besides teaching recording techniques, we also provide audio and video recording, mixing and mastering services.

Equipment Services

We offer several in-house services, as well as many more special connections to various new and used instrument sales, repair and resoration services and vendors. We also provide a means to buy or sell your own equipment.